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September 2008



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Sep. 15th, 2008

Girly Yuuri


My bro and my bud

Dear Maouhouse,

I discovered a rather disturbing photo in my mother's underwear sock drawer. Don't ask why I was rummaging around there. It involves my brother and a good friend. The thing is, I thought my brother disliked the guy and since when does a dating sim junkie go for guys?, so I don't understand why they are fondling touching each other like that. Do you think they went all the way?

I can't look at either of them in the face anymore. It's making dinner a very nerve wracking experience. I can't enjoy Mum's curry with those two sitting either side of me. They're probably giving each other the eye behind my back.

Is it possible it's all my imagination? Could my friend just be, you know, helping my brother undress for a job interview or something??? And how did my mother get a hold of a photo like this...?

Many thanks,

It's all in my head - right?Collapse )

Sep. 12th, 2008

KKM - Gunter bedtime



Dear Maouhouse,
I have a bit of a problem with a rather jealous, immature wagamama-poo standing between me and my one true love. Every private moment I have with heika him is rapidly interrupted by him and leaves me no chance! What ever should this Gunter I do?


PS: i have added my photo to show what this wagamama-poo is keeping from my love

photo attachmentCollapse )

Sep. 11th, 2008



Ahem...erm....ah...Is this thing on?

Dear Maouhouse,

I hope you can help me
I think I have a problem

Shit, shit, shit this is ridicu

I am writing to you to speak about a certain problem perverse compulsion issue that has begun to upset the regular order of my daily routine here in Covenant Castle my place of residence.

Apparently I have unfortunately developed an unnatural obsession interest in being...abused... by Anissina von a certain red-haired woman of my acquaintance, whom I have known since childhood. While she has always involved me in her fiendish experimentation, usually to the detriment of my bodily integrity and peace of mind, lately I find the moment she binds me to an invention I immediately become rock-hard,and as the torture begins, my breathing quickens, my arousal increases, and the merest touch of my noble undergarments chafing against my large huge immense erection drives me to the brink of climax. It's nearly unbearable, particularly because that bitch the young woman is clearly aware of my distress yet does nothing but lower herself slowly to the ground before me, her hot breath brushing over my straining flesh, and stares triumphantly into my eyes.

Great Shinou, how I hate her!

How I WANT her!!!!!!

Tell, me, dear Maouhouse, WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD I DO!!!?????!?!?!!!eleventy!1! because if this keeps up, sooner or later I will break free from my bonds, rip off her skirts, shove aside her panties and bury my immense GIGANTIC manhood inside her soft, wet folds, pounding home until I..


Never mind. I feel much better now.

Yrs sincerely,
Gwendal von Anonymous

Sep. 12th, 2008

Wolfram in blue


I am engaged to a manwhore

Dear Maouhouse,

I am a strong, proud, independent Mazoku. I've survived over 80 years according to my own judgement and reasoning. Alas, I have recently found myself engaged to a complete wimp. Let's call him...Yuu-chan. I detest the insufferable fool - he whines, frets about the most trivial matters, klutzes at important moments, plays a tedious sport, talks nonsense, is too trusting, bruises easily and expects other people to do his work! Naturally, when I accepted his marriage proposal, it was not out of love. That bastard robbed me out of honour, and the only way to restore it was to accept this cruel fate.

But do you know what makes my situation all the more unbearable? My fiancée is a scandalous player. My god, that boy has zero self control! We can't walk down into town without him giving the eyes to some cheap harlet market girl or muscular, easy craftsmen.

He's always grinning like a dickhead. I know what he's up to. And what he does. And WHO. When I am not around. Oh, I know. That bastard is always at it. My brothers. Mother. His brother. His retainers. The maids. The stablemen. The guards. The soldiers. The shrine maidens.  And that bitch who gave him an extra manjuu. I don't need this, ok. I have self respect! And you know what makes this all the more sad? We adopted a daughter together. That poor, sweet, innocent child, must endure the cruelty of having a SLUT for a father. If he doesn't consider my position, he could at the VERY LEAST consider her feelings.

I AM FUCKING SICK TO MY STOMACH! My engagement to this louse is destroying me and causing forest fires. I hope he's happy! Because I am NOT. I rally myself into leaving him once and for all, but then I remember our daughter, and my family's honour...and my pride. Curse you! I will not allow you this victory, Yuu-chan! I will stick this out and burn you to a crisp on our wedding night.

Yours faithfully, W.
You've probably seen him around town. Or in you bed. Or on your floor. Or taking some hussy in a back alley.Collapse )

Sep. 11th, 2008

Trying to rape me


Many Welcomes! (OOC)

Welcome to the jungle, we've got fun, games and cookies! And smut. Well, there will be smut soon. >:D

Be sure to read the rules, so you can get the gist of what I've set up here. I hope you find it to be a good idea and will eagerly begin posting!

I see this community as a great way to blow off some steam....er, create some steam too. Feeling sexually frustrated? Are your characters feeling sexually frustrated? This is the place for your sexually fuled sketches and drabbles.

Don't be shy! if you have any concerns or general comments, I'm waiting to hear them.

Also, props to minayuurei , whose icon I stole for the community. <3 A very confused Yuuri seemed appropriate...