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Shin Makoku's edition (ripoff) of Penthouse is open for business!

You're encouraged to send in raunchy pictures and sizzling 'Dear Maouhouse' tales to share with the viewing public.


Here are some basic rules, but I think we're mature *snort* enough to handle a community like this:

1. Members have to be ages 14+ - if you find this unreasonable, I'm really sorry, but due to adult material, you should be thankful I didn't go the 18+ route.

2. No random materials, as in artwork and stories that are not sexual in some way. Your character(s) can be fully clothed, but they have to at least look seductive, or something.

3. This is NOT a traditional role playing community - you do not have ownership over a character. The posting of one person's interpretation will not effect another person's.

4. Sexually explicit pictures must be under a cut.

5. Not necessarily a rule, but it would be nice if pictures were accompanied by a blurb, writing as the character, or the character who sent in the picture. Pictures that are posted in this manner are defaulted as In Character (IC). If you post OOC, you can just post and explain your inspiration, or ask for tips on improvements, like normal fan art.

6. Fanfiction has to be in the context of a letter. This is very simple. Just throw a "Dear Maouhouse" at the beginning and begin to tell us your story. If you'd like to rehash some old lemons of yours, go for it. Could be fun!

7. Writers can elect to be addressed in threads as themselves, or the persona. The default will be In Character (IC). If you have a preference for Out of Character, add "OOC" in brackets in the title.

8. In cases where an author and the responder want to write IC and OOC in the same post, simply add (IC) and (OOC) at the beginning of the paragraph to avoid confusion.

9. Lastly, simply respect your fellow community member and we should all have a grand old time! Let the smut commence! <3